How to replace a muffler bearing

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How to Replace a Muffler Bearing

Muffler bearings extend a muffler’s life and also reduces exhaust friction. This is very important for good fuel economy, and good power output. They maintain proper backpressure. If you aren’t sure what muffler bearing you need for your car, just call up the local parts store and ask them. Also pick up a high-temperature elbow grease. Make sure you wear a safety glass.

How can you tell if muffler bearing needs replacement?

  • If your muffler sounds raspy
  • If smoke comes out of the exhaust
  • Grab soapy water, go underneath the car and spray both exhaust pipes (See picture below). Start up the engine and go back underneath car. If there are any bubbles then you’ve identified the bad muffler bearing. Muffler bearings are located in the exhaust pipes, between the muffler and catalytic converter.

Use a reciprocating saw to cut right through where the bad muffler bearing is. Now that you’ve cut the exhaust pipe, look inside and remove the muffler bearing.

Grab a magnet on a stick. Go into the pipe to feel around to pick up any of the old bearing pieces. Make sure you remove all of the old bearings.

Get your high-temperature elbow grease. Paint it all around your new bearings. If you aren’t using a sealed bearing, make sure you coat the bearings and the outside as well. We recommend you buying a sealed muffler bearing over a 2-piece bearing. Why? Because it last longer.

Insert the new muffler bearing into the exhaust. Line up the two pipes using an exhaust clamp. Use a wrench to tighten up the bolts one side at a time. Be sure to keep tightening each bolt little by little, so the clamp can tighten evenly to prevent exhaust leaks. If you are tightening with an impact gun then you want to tighten to about 3 or 4 auger duggars.

Start your car. She should sound lovely. Go back underneath your car and spray soapy water to ensure there are no bubbles.

Now you know how to replace a muffler bearing like a pro.

Side note: When replacing muffler bearings its also good idea to check your blinker fluid. We’ll be making a post about how to replace blinker fluid. Stay tuned.

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