Car Maintenance Checklist

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Every car will require different checks based on manufacturer, model, miles and driving conditions, but we all want our cars to run smoothly and not have to keep bringing it to a shop. Here’s just a checklist of a few maintenance items to be aware of to extend the life and wellbeing of your car.

Tires and brakes. Checking and maintaining tire air pressure can optimize your tire mileage and save gas. Checking the treads for wear is also something you shouldn’t ignore. Getting your tires rotated, balanced and aligned will make sure the tires wear evenly and extend their life. Shops can also check brake pads and hardware while they are at it.

Oil and fluids. Oil, antifreeze, transmission, power steering fluid, wiper fluid, and coolant. It takes a lot of liquids to keep your car running. Making sure they are at the appropriate levels, as well as clean, will keep your car working smoothly and efficiently.

Windshield Wipers. Clear windshields are important for safety. Replace wipers as soon as they get streaky. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the windshield as well.

Air Filter. Engine air filters need to be changed regularly, more so if you drive in dust or dirt often.

Lights. Make sure all the lights are working and clean.

Plugs and Belts. Timing and serpentine belts, and spark plugs need to be replaced every certain number of miles. You should check your manual for manufacturer guidelines.

Inspections. Every year you need to get your car inspected to make sure it is safe.

All of this can be challenging to keep up to date, whether you DIY or bring it into the shop. Neal’s Garage is a local full service Auto Repair shop with great easy plans to cover everything on this checklist and more. We want to help keep your car in good shape, stress and headache free.

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