The Surprising Truth Behind Car Wash Fundraisers

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Ever tempted to stop by a car wash fundraiser? Perhaps you even participated in one? Maybe you’ve only driven by them? More often than not, they are large groups of eager smiling teens waving happily, trying to get you to pull over for a car wash. A team is usually ready with buckets, rags, signs and a great deal of enthusiasm. What’s our best advice when it comes to these car wash fundraisers? Donate to the fundraiser but skip the car wash.

Car wash fundraisers are a favorite with church youth groups, sport teams, high school clubs and other community organizations looking to raise some money. They are very tempting and for good reason. Helping out a good cause, encouraging kids’ efforts, and supporting the community, all while getting your car washed for cheap – seems like a win-win deal!

The problem is, even with proper instruction, these are not professional auto detailers. Even one speck of dirt from a dropped rag, rubbed over your car, can scuff your coat or worse, cause scratches. Cheap washing solution can leave spots and even damage your car’s paint job. You could easily end up spending more money and time repairing unintended, and uninsured damages than you spent at the fundraiser.

So next time you drive by a car wash fundraiser, please go ahead, stop and donate money, but do not let them touch your car!

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