How to Change Windshield Wipers

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Changing windshield wipers is an important part of car maintenance. A proper pair of windshield wipers can make a major difference in safety and visibility. With 109 days of rain in Durham, North Carolina, every year, we value good windshield wipers. Most garages will recommend you change your windshield wipers every 6 months. Here is a step by step on how to change your windshield wipers yourself.

  1. Inspect your current windshield wipers

Some windshield wipers let you replace just the rubber squeegee part, or insert, while others need full replacement of the entire blade. Check your owner’s manual, do a quick google search, or stop by your local garage to find out if this is the case. If you need completely new wiper blades, keep reading.

2. Find what size windshield wipers you need

Not all windshield wipers are the same size. There are different windshield wiper sizes for different windshields, and even sometimes for different sides of the car. You can look up the windshield wiper sizes in the owner’s manual or online. You can also measure your old windshield wipers with a measuring tape. Alternatively, if you need help finding the size of your windshield wiper blades, call or visit your local garage. Be ready with the vehicle’s year, model and make. They will be able to help you find the right size windshield wiper replacements. You could also bring in your old windshield wiper blades.

3. Purchase new windshield wipers

Based on the size and type of your old windshield wipers, as well as your experience with the old set, choose a new set of windshield wiper blades for your vehicle. Your local car garage here in Durham or elsewhere can help you choose the best windshield wiper blades for your situation and vehicle. Be sure to check out our other article on how to choose the best windshield wipers in Durham!

4. Remove windshield wipers

Take a towel and wrap the wiper arm to protect the windshield. Gently lift up the windshield wiper arm from the windshield. Under the wiper there may be a tab or a latch where the wiper blade meets the wiper arm. Your owner manual will have step by step instructions on how to safely remove your windshield wipers.

5. Install new windshield wipers

Some windshield wiper blades will come with attachments to help customize the blades to different windshield arms. Check that the new windshield wipers have the same hooks. Attach the blade to the hook. There should be a click when the new blade is in place.

6. Remove any protective plastic on the rubber or silicone blade.

7. Test windshield wipers

Do not wait for rain, go ahead and test your new windshield wipers to make sure they are installed correctly.

We hope this blog helps make changing your windshield wipers a little easier. As always, feel free to call or schedule an appointment to see us at Neal’s Garage. We are here for you.

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