How many of these 23 Emergency Essentials Do You Have In Your Car?

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Flat tires, dead batteries, engine trouble, and accidents ranging from fender benders to more serious collisions can happen to the best of us. Emergencies could leave you stranded in bad weather, miles from help. Even cellular phones these days does not guarantee good service. Roadside emergencies are unpredictable, but that does not mean you can’t be prepared. How many of these 23 emergency essentials do you have in your car?

  1. Jumper cables – because we’ve all been there.
  2. Spare tire, iron and jack- make sure it’s well inflated and that you know brush up on how to change a tire.
  3. Tire inflater and sealer – plug a leak to help get you reach an auto garage
  4. Drinking water and energy snacks – have enough in case your entire family is with you
  5. Warm clothing
  6. Blanket – not just for keeping warm if stranded over night or in the rain, a blanket can be used as a towel as well.
  7. Emergency flares or other lighting – alert other vehicles know you have an emergency and to keep a safe distance.
  8. Safety Vest – keep visible, keep safe
  9. Window breaker – have it in your glove compartment or somewhere accessible. This can break your window from the inside in the case
  10. Seatbelt cutter – also keep up front
  11. Fire extinguisher – when you need it, you really need it
  12. Kitty Litter – used for traction when stuck in a muddy ditch. Cardboard helps as well.
  13. Tow strap – if your car stops at a dangerous spot on the road, a tow strap can help you take it safely off the road until a tow truck arrives.
  14. Flashlight
  15. First Aid Kit
  16. Extra phone charger/battery
  17. Duck tape 
  18. Toilet paper
  19. Emergency cash
  20. Umbrella
  21. Pen and Paper
  22. Tool Kit
  23. Matches

There you have it, a list of 23 emergency essentials to have in your car to prepare you for any emergency that comes your way. Do you agree? Have anything to add? Let us know!

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