Neal’s Garage is committed to being the greenest auto repair shop in Durham.

We have always acted as a responsible, environmentally friendly business – even before it was trendy! At Neal’s we take an environmental pledge:



  • We recycle used motor oil and all other used vehicle fluids
  • We recycle used lead batteries after replacement
  • We recycle our paper and plastic waste
  • We only use fluorescent lighting
  • We only clean with green cleaning products
  • We only purchase recycled paper product
  • We only purchase recycled office paper (which is then recycled again!)
  • We provide a GREEN oil change
  • Rest assured – when you come to Neal’s you’re choosing sustainability!

Green Oil Change

A green oil change uses re-refined motor oil. Neal’s uses EcoPower – a premium API-certified re-refined motor oil – guaranteed to exceed manufacturer specifications. So, it’s not only a safe choice – it actually protects your engine better than conventional motor oil!

By choosing a green oil change at Neal’s, you are doing your part to protect our planet and build a more sustainable community. The benefits of choosing a green oil change are tremendous:

  • It results in 99.5 percent fewer heavy metal emissions and 85 percent less greenhouse gases than if used motor oil were used for fuel.
  • It saves more than one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road every year
  • It takes 85 percent less energy  to produce than motor oil made from
    crude oil.
  • It reduces our dependence on foreign oil.
  • The oil from a single conventional oil change can contaminate one million gallons of drinking water –  or a year’s supply for 50 people!

Sustainable Auto Repair with EcoPower Oil
When you choose EcoPower oil at Neal’s you are participating in the “closed loop” process. It is a great way to choose sustainability.

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