Our friends over at realtrainhorns.net specialize in professional locomotive horn restoration for all locomotive horns.  They sell to both private and corporate parties to help revitalize locomotive horns that need reworking.

When our team cannot handle the train horns that have come in, we work with realtrainhorns.net to do the following:

  • Welding & Machining
  • Custom Horn Tuning
  • Horn Degreasing
  • Horn Paint Removal
  • Horn Media Cleaning
  • Horn Polishing
  • Horn Custom Powder Coating

Our friends also service all makes of horns including Nathan Airchime, Leslie, Prime and Wabco and carry replacement parts for every horn.

On top of this, realtrainhorns.net is fra compliant as they decibel test every single horn and every horn as a set with approved fra testing meter. By doing this they can guarantee that the horn you get is just as loud as any of their competition which are selling the same item.  Better yet, they do it for a lot less to save you money.

Finally, realtrainhorns.net offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products.
They buy scrap horns so don’t throw away railroad heritage, call before you scrap them.

Check out our friends over at http://realtrainhorns.net