Fixing a chipped windshield

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How to Fix a Chipped Windshield

There are a bunch of different windshield repair kits. The good thing is, they all work on the same principle.

You will use a glass resin and inject it into the chip. The resin hardens, which makes the chip a lot less visible and prevents it from spreading.

Before you spend money on one of those kits, first check if the chip is actually repairable.

The chip is repairable in the following scenarios:

1.) When there is a hole. Run your fingernails over the chip and see if you can feel an indent.

2.) Most fixable chips have an air gap.

3.) If the chip is smaller than a quarter, it is also fixable.

It’s generally recommended that you replace the entire windshield if there are any chips or cracks on the edge of the windshield. The reason is because the windshield is a structural part of the car. If you get into an accident the windshield helps transfer the energy throughout the body and frame of the car. Also, if you roll your car, the windshield helps support the roof.

There are two common windshield kits. One that does multiple chips but doesn’t pull a vacuum. The other kit only does one chip and pulls a vacuum, helping to get the air out of the chip. They are both around the same price. This post is focused on using the kit that pulls a vacuum.

Step 1

When you get started. Make sure your car is underneath the shade. Make sure the windshield isn’t too hot, if it’s cold out, move your car into the garage or turn your car on and heat inside. You do not want the windshield to face direct sunlight.

Step 2

Get a safety pin and pick out any of the broken glass inside the chip. Open the alcohol wipe and clean the area around the chip so you have a good bonding surface for the adhesive disk. Make sure you don’t rest your body weight on the windshield. You don’t want to press too hard on the glass because it could cause the chip to spread.

Step 3

Then use your adhesive disk. Peel off one side and place the disk over the whole on the glass with the pointy tab facing up. Push on the disk and make sure it sticks on good. Peel the adhesive cover to expose the adhesive layer. Use the pedestal, and center it over the middle of the disk. Make sure the pedestal is stuck on securely. Grab the resin dropper, and apply to pedestal all the way to the top.

Step 4

Grab your syringe. Make sure the plunger is pressed all the way in. Put the syringe into the pedestal hole. Hold the syringe down with one hand as you use your other hand to pull the plunger all the way to the last tab and lock in place. You have created a vacuum chamber that is now sucking all the air out of the chip. You will feel a lot of resistance, which means it is working. Knock lightly around the glass to help the vacuum collect all the trapped air particles. If you view from inside the car, you will see the air bubbles.

Step 5

Once the bubbles stop coming out of the chip, hold down the pedestal and carefully remove the syringe. Then put the syringe back in. Push the plunger down until you get to the top tab, then lock.. The more you compress the plunger, the more pressure you are creating which will force the resin deep into the chip. Go back into the car to see if there is any part of the chip left. If so, push the plunger slightly and tap around the chip to help vibrate the resin deeper into the chip. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Remove the syringe. Grab a razor and slide it underneath the pedestal and adhesive. Work around with the razor. Once the pedestal is loose, remove it and peel the rest of the adhesive.

Step 6

Grab your resin dropper and place one drop on the chip. Get your curing strip and place on top of the resin. Press to remove air or use your razor to squeegee out all the bubbles. Let it sit and cure for about an hour. You can use a UV flashlight or put the car back in sunlight to cure quicker (takes about 15 minutes to cure if you do that). Once the resin is cured, use your razor to remove the curing strip, similar to how you used it to remove the pedestal and adhesive. Scrape off any extra resin by using the razor.

Now you know how to fix a chipped windshield like a pro.

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