Three Common Car DIYs To Reconsider

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We live in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) age. We want to do things ourselves and save money whenever we can. Today we address three common car DIYs you may want to reconsider – Oil changes, battery replacement, and car washes.

Car Oil Changes

Remember your dad changing the oil out on the driveway growing up? Oil changes are one of those things we somehow believe we should just do ourselves. Sure, you probably know how to do it and it might even come easy for you. Does that mean you have to get your hands dirty?

With oil filters, drain pans, car jacks, and of course, oil, oil changes require a lot equipment and can get dangerous and messy quickly. Let’s not forget the toxic oil left over or the risk of getting crushed.

The truth is, changing your car oil takes time and energy that might be better spent doing something else. Professionals can do it in ten minutes. Instead of jacking up your car, crawling under, and risking getting oil on your clothes and face, you could be saving your back and having a cup of coffee.

Car Battery Replacement

Ever carry an old battery to the auto-parts store to swap out? It is not difficult, or at least not in the past. Even then, you still had to deal with the same sulfur caked terminal cables, the fear of cracking the battery, and having toxic acid leak all over your hands. But have you noticed? Changing a car battery is becoming more complicated. Modern car engineers are putting batteries further back and deep for better performance and weight distribution. This means there are more pieces to unbolt and remove to even get to the battery. Something to consider when planning to dive into your next car battery replacement.

Car Washes

Car washes? You might be thinking “OK, now isn’t that something anyone can do?” Or “ I for sure can do it better.” You might even find washing your car enjoyable, and that’s great! Just know, your DIY car wash cannot get your car as clean and spotless as a professional detailer.

First of all, not all cars require the same cleaning regimen. Older cars might need clay, wax and polish, while newer cars might need less TLC. Certain cleaning products can also damage your paint, wax, clear coat and other finishes. There are separate cleaning solutions for car exteriors, different types of wheels, windows, and car interiors. Then there are special treatments for spots, scratches, shine, and protection. More than just soap and a bucket, a DIY car wash might be something you want to reconsider leaving for the professionals.

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