How to Remove Bumper Stickers From a Car?

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Recently bought a used car, selling an old car, or just need to clean up your existing vehicle from an unwanted bumper sticker? Bumper stickers are made to be strong and last through all weather conditions. Done wrong, removing a bumper sticker could leave your car damaged with scratches, peeling paint, even melted bumpers. What is the best way to remove a bumper sticker? Here are 3 rules and 2 methods to removing old bumper stickers.

RULE 1: Put down the razor. Trying to remove bumper stickers with razors or anything metal or sharp can cut and damage the underlying vehicle paint, or plastic bumper.

RULE 2: Have patience. Many of us have experienced the result of peeling off a sticker in a rush. Rushing will make it more difficult to remove the sticker, and can even damage the vehicle.

RULE 3: Start with a clean surface. Clean and remove any surface dirt from the bumper sticker and surrounding area. We suggest using a damp, microfiber rag with warm water. Dry with a another clean microfiber rag. Any surface dirt can prevent your chosen agent from getting to the sticker and cause scratching.

Removing Bumper Stickers With WD-40

Trusty WD-40 to the rescue! WD-40 is the safest way to remove bumper stickers, rather than a product like Goo Gone or lighter fluid, even blow drying. First, spray the edges and corners of the sticker and allow the lubricant to soak in for about 5 minutes. Then use gloved fingers, a rubber spatula , or even a credit card, and slowly and gently peel off the bumper sticker. Avoid lifting the edges strait upwards, as it could damage the surface. If a spot does not peel off easily, spray more WD-40 and try again. If any sticker residue remains, run over the area with a clean microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.

Removing Bumper Stickers With A Blow Dryer

If you can’t find that WD-40 can, a blow dryer can work to remove bumper stickers. Take the blow dryer on LOW heat setting. Slowly aim the blow dryer at the bumper sticker, about 6 inches away, evenly moving the blow dryer back and forth. Have caution, as any closer and you can over heat the sticker and damage the paint and bumper underneath. After about 1 minute, you should be able to lift the edges with gloved fingers or a rubber spatula. Gently peel off the bumper sticker. If an area is challenging, reapply low heat from the blow dryer.  If any sticker residue remains, run over the area with a clean microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.

Once cleaned, a quick buff will make it as if a sticker was never there. There you have it, how to safely remove a bumper sticker from your car! As always, feel free to reach out to Neal’s Garage for all of your car related questions and needs.

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