The Crucial Step Buyers Miss When Buying a Used Car

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Buying a used car can be a very smart financial decision. However, without the right research and questions, it can become a costly mistake. One crucial step buyers may miss when buying a used car is not realizing how important an inspection is before even beginning to negotiate price.

After narrowing down the types of used cars that would fit your life and budget, and after locating a used car online or in person, what next? Perhaps you already knew to get the vehicle VIN number and check to see its vehicle history report and make sure it wasn’t stolen or in any major accident. Perhaps you already took it for a test drive over hills, potholes, etc. Next, and what buyers sometimes miss, is the one crucial step in buying a used car – getting the used car inspected by a trusted professional mechanic.

Getting a used car inspected is much easier than you may believe. Most private sellers should be willing to let you inspect their used car by your trusted auto garage in the Durham area. If they are hesitant, or provide an out of date vehicle history report, that may be a red flag to look elsewhere. In the end, the cost and the time you take to inspect that used car is very reasonable to ensure you are buying a safe, reliable used vehicle.

There are two types for inspections – one where an inspector goes to the car, and another where the car goes to the inspector. We advise the latter. Mechanics at auto garages like Neal’s Garage are familiar with a ride range of car makes and models. Auto garages also have the specialized equipment necessary to be able to examine and document the used car in depth.

A good used car presale inspection will look for damages, leaks, and other hidden problems. It will also be able to confirm the condition of the used car in question. Used car scammers may alter titles and odometers. At other times, owners might not be aware of hidden issues such as rust and leaks.

Major problems that can be reported on include any frame damage from accidents. Without proper repairs, a warped frame can effect the wheels and cause the used car to pull to one side or another and effect tire wear. Used car inspections can identify past repair work that may or may not have been disclosed by the seller. An auto garage car inspection can also lift the used car and report on past flood or fire damage, rust, and leaks.

The crucial step buyers miss when buying a used car is making that appointment for a used car inspection. Verifying the condition of the car will allow you to make the best informed decision and get the most out of buying a used car.

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