Some people think the best place to get their car serviced is the dealership, because they know the car. A welcome surprise to many is that One Stop Auto Care gives the big dealerships a run for their money. Week after week, customers try us out instead of the dealership and they love us.




Here are a few reasons why our customers choose us over dealerships

  • We are a much smaller, more personal and more friendly business. Many people don’t like to line up and wait for service at a dealership. They also don’t like the “feel like a number” feeling when they check out with “just a cashier” and not the person who knows what was done on the car. They love how we get to know them, their family, their life and their vehicles.
  • We have the same or better expertise as the dealerships. We have made serious investments into our technical expertise and our equipment. This allows our auto repair shop to compete with most of the dealerships.
  • We use the exact same manufacturer scan tools that the dealerships use. Scan tools are the computer devices that we hook up to talk to your vehicle. The ones we use are just like the ones at the dealership. We can see what they can see and we can tap into the exact same resources to diagnose and service your vehicles.
  • We know your car as well as the dealerships because of our experience AND our high-tech resources. With all of the years of experience and our state-of-the-art technical resources, we can diagnose and service your car just like the dealerships.
  • We can perform the under-warranty maintenance too. Some people haven’t yet learned that the law gives you a choice when it comes to required maintenance that keeps our warranties in effect. We all know that we have to maintain our cars to the standards of the new car manufacturers in order to protect our warranty. But did you know that we can perform the maintenance too? So, why not try our shop, you’ll save time, save money and it will be much more enjoyable.
  • We can save you time and money