We Specialize in Tires

Neal’s Garage has been providing quality car tires for the Durham, NC and surrounding cities for the past 50 years.  Our proficient staff of ASE certified mechanics will recommend the correct tires for you and your vehicle.

We sell all major brand tires for SUV, Sedans, Sports Cars and more.

Inspect Car Tires

Since you cannot rely on mileage, the best thing to do is to check the tires for wear.  If you can see tread wear indicators, definitely bring in the car.  One trick we have learned is to insert a penny into the tread to check the life of the tire.  If you can see Lincoln’s head – the tires should be replaced.  If any metal is visible, avoid driving and get the tire replaced.

Some Brand of Tires We Carry

  • Bridgestone Tires
  • Michelin Tires
  • Goodyear Tires
  • Continental AG Tires
  • Sumitomo Tires
  • Pirelli Tires
  • Yokohama Tires
  • Hankook Tires
  • Cooper Tires

When Should I replace my Tires?

The “average” mileage for a tire varies due to variables such as original tire quality, driver usage, weather conditions and driving surfaces.  A safe rule to follow is to replace tires after 40,000 miles.

Tire Maintenance

There are many different factors that can prematurely damage a tire.  One of the most important factors that can contribute to damaged tires is not rotating your tires regularly.  It is recommended to have your tires rotated every 5-10 thousand miles.  Also, avoid any areas that contain debris that can puncture your tire.